Pablo Sánchez-García

Silversmith Pablo Sánchez-García is originally from Spain and has a BA (Hons) in History and Art History. Since 2012 he has studied jewellery and silversmithing and his work incorporates traditional jewellery, metalworking and silversmithing such as soldering, forging, fold forming and fusing.

Pablo is passionate about antiques, history and genealogy. This passion has led him to start transforming vintage everyday sterling silver cutlery and revive them into unique functional and contemporary pieces of jewellery. By doing so he has given them a new lease of life while protecting the story behind each individual piece.

Other pieces that Pablo has created are very much inspired by organic and simple forms as well as by nature. Amongst them we can find pieces created using fine silver fusing techniques and the roller-coaster collection in which the pieces simulate the movements of a roller-coaster…’up and down very steep slopes’

Pablo is now experimenting with new techniques and his next project is the design of jewellery pieces using crocheted chain.