Sánchez de la Plata

Silver designs

The jewellery brand Sánchez de la Plata, created by London based silversmith Pablo, has been inspired by a deep love for everyday antique and vintage silver items. The brand takes its name from Pablo’s great-great-grandfather, Benito Sánchez de la Plata, who lived in Granada, Spain, in the middle of the 19th century. Sánchez de la Plata jewellery brings together art, history and crafts.

Many of the pieces on the website have been crafted using antique sterling silver cutlery. Depending on the size of the original piece, this has been transformed into a ring or bracelet, with the aim of keeping alive the original spirit of the piece. Other items are brand new and have been created by fusing silver or using wire and white gold.

Sánchez de la Plata is very much inspired by organic and simple forms, and by nature; as well as by a love for antiques and the story behind each individual piece. This process of creating Sánchez de la Plata jewellery has resulted in a range of stunning unique pieces of jewellery for men and women.